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Uses micron mesh filter to effectively block 2.5 mm fibrous particulate matter with blocking rate greater than 99.9%. Filters larger particles such as pollen, pet fur and coarse dust. Can be removed and cleaned easily. Increases the following filter’s service life.

HEPA Filter

Vestar Aero Pure Purifier uses proven HEPA filter which removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter. The filter effectively removes PM (Particulate Matter) that are 2.5 micrometers (μm) in diameter present in indoor air.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters are the most effective way to remove gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke, and other odors from the air. They are especially helpful for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or any respiratory condition that makes one sensitive to Airborne chemicals. This filter traps odors and chemicals in highly absorbent granules (or pores). Filters then physically absorb gas molecules into these pores.

Photocatalyst filter

This filter helps to enhance productivity by radically improving air quality, reducing odors and destroying microscopic particles by effective degrading of formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and other pollutants that can lead to illness.

Anion Function

Various contaminated substances in the air such as cigarette smoke, sulfurous acid gas (SO2), nitrous oxide gas (NOx) and carbon monoxide gas (CO) create positive ions. Anions generated neutralize, settle and remove these positive ions to keep air clean and fresh. Anions chemically oxidize and decompose the source of odor to remove offensive odor and keep indoor atmosphere pleasant.

UV Light Sterilization

UV is a proven method of disinfection. Exposure of airborne microbes to a sufficient power level for a long enough periods creates a dosage which damages pathogen DNA structure. This makes reproduction impossible, reducing the microbial population. Bugs cannot develop immunity to this cleansing power.



Model Number VPC3204MWH VPT2103MWH VPT1803MWH-P
Power (W) 50 45 55
Voltage (V) 220 220 220
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) (m³/hr)Hr 410 209 200
Area Purified(m²) 40 - 80 15.4 - 26.4 14 - 24
PM 2.5 Active purification Yes Yes Yes
Pre Filter Yes Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Filter Yes Yes Yes
Anion Function (or) Negative Ion Filter Yes Yes Yes
Photo Catalyst Filter Yes No No
UV Tube sterlize Yes No No
Filter Life Upto 1600 Hrs or 365 Days Upto 180 Days Upto 180 Days
Remote Control Yes No No
On/Off timer Yes Yes Yes
Child Lock Yes No No
Body material of the machine ABS ABS ABS
Noise (Min-Max) dB 18~58 < 58dB < 55dB
Color White White White
Net Dimension (W*D*H) mm 406*188*626 322*180*535 405*135*423
Net Weight (Kg) 9 7.3 4.2

* Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice as part of regular improvements.